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MATH CHAPTER 7 Chapter 7 Goal Sheet


Math Chapter 8
Find the perimeter of an object.
Find the perimeter of an object when one or two sides are missing.
Find the area of a space by counting blocks.
Use the base x height formula to find the area of a rectangle.
Use the base x height formula to find the area of a parallelogram.
Use the base x height /2 formula to find the area of a triangle.
Split up a combination shape to find the area.
Use scale to find the perimeter and area of a shape.

Northeast Region
Locate all of the states in the Northeast region.
Tell why there are lighthouses in Maine.
Identify the mountain range that it is in New Hampshire.
Define democracy, and identify where the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts.
Retell the cause of the American Revolution and be able to tell who was involved.
Tell why the Erie Canal was built and how it uses locks.
Describe why New York City uses skyscrapers.
Define the term mass production and tell why it is effective in Hershey, PA.
Be able to tell what the Declaration of Independence is and a few of our rights as outlined US Constitution.
Describe the national monuments in Washington, D.C.

Southeast Region

Locate all of the states in the Southeast region.
Tell why people would visit Everglades National Park.
Describe the climate in the Sunbelt.
Locate the John F. Kennedy Space Center.
Describe the problems that colonists faced in Jamestown, Virginia.
Tell how coal is important to Appalachia.
Locate where the blues started and tell why that style of music was created.
Explain how New Orleans was settled by French colonists, and the type of music that can be heard there.
Tell how petroleum is important to the people in the USA.
Describe the disadvantages of slavery on a cotton plantation.
Define "civil rights" and tell how Martin Luther King, Jr. helped to end segregation.

Math Chapter 9
Change fractions to decimals to percents.
Use a calculator to change fractions to decimals, and fractions to percents.
Find how much money you'd save if you got 40% off of $90.
Find how much money you would pay for an item that was 20% off of $30.
Multiply decimals.
Divide decimals.

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